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Permeable Pavement Care

Do you have permeable pavement?

Syracuse Power Sweeping has been awarded the sweeping and cleaning contract from Onondaga County to service all of the county-owned porous pavement asphalt and brick pavers. As a result of our experience, quality work, and competitive price, we now service many privately owned parking lots that incorporate the porous pavement system.

Porous Pavement, concrete, and permeable interlocking pavers allow rainwater to soak through to the underlying soil and prevents the water from overtaxing the sewer system. 

Maintaining permeable surfaces is very important to ensure rainwater flows through properly. The following maintenance protocol is suggested and sometimes insisted.

  1. Use an air regenerative vacuum on the surface at least twice a year. April/May and then again in October/November.

  2. Power wash all areas that have collected hard packed sediment and debris that is not collected during vacuuming.

  3. Removes leaves and debris on an as-needed basis.

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